Polaris Per Centri Spa

Polaris cabin

Inside the innovative Polaris cabin, real ice flakes fall into an elegant basin, so that the users can apply them on the body for an immediate refreshing effect. The cabin’s temperature is kept low thanks to the exceptonal thermal insulation. The walls, covered with a layer of ice, create a striking effect and help to cool the room by capturing its humidity and lowering the temperature by about 5 degrees compared to the outside.


FeatureIcy wall
Dimensionscm 90,5 x 50 x 195h
Hole in the wallcm 91,5 x 196h (± 0,5)
InspectionOn the back
FinishesSatin stainless steel
Cabin structureUpon request
Power consumption750 W / 230V (4,5 A)
Temperature in the cabin28°C max
Heat generated2300 Watt heating the cabin
Packagingcm 110 x 70 x 215h
Weight (Kg)95
Water supplyNot necessary
DrainNot necessary
ProductionMade in Italy
WarrantySystem: 1 year for professional use, 2 years for private use
  1. Polaris icy wall
  2. 750W 230W generator
  3. Inspectable plant room
  4. Cabin interior

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