Percorso Kneipp Con Acque A Temperatura Diversa

Kneipp path

The Kneipp path is a hot and cold alternating bath for legs and feet. The passage through alternating temperature compartments, equipped with nozzles that massages the legs and ankles, stimulates blood circulation with an immediate toning and refreshing effect. The length of the path, the number and arrangement of the compartments can vary and are planned accordingly to the customer's requirements.


FeaturesAlternating warm and cold baths for legs and feet. To start, jets are opened in the first compartment (warm), then they are activated in the second compartment (cold) and turned off the first, and so on
BenefitsStepping from one compartment and one temperature to another – each compartment is fitted with nozzles that massage legs and ankles – stimulates blood circulation providing an immediate toning and soothing effect 
ActivationStart button (provided) to be positioned next to the bath
Recommended temperature38°C (warm compartments), 17°C (cold compartments)
CompartmentsBetween 1 and 16
Nozzles per compartmentBetween 2 and 4
Baths size0,3 – 0,4 sm
PackagingCm 60x60x40
Weight (Kg)20
Bath structureUpon request
Water capacity116 litres/min, pressure 2-4 bar
Power100 W / 230 V
PreparationPower supply; hot and cold water supply in the plant room; pipes from the plant room to the nozzles in the baths with ½” F connection
ProductionMade in Italy 
Warranty1 year

Jet Kneipp Nozzles

Nozzles with limited protruding length for maximum safety when stepping form one compartment to the next. Extremely strong, anti vandal.Jet angle designed specifically to prevent water from coming out of the compartment Easy maintenance thanks to easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean nozzles.

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