Alla corretta progettazione del centro benessere deve fare seguito un’accurata fase di produzione delle attrezzature, dove nulla viene lasciato al caso.

We bring the spa project to life: state-of-the-art production facilities and strict quality controls.

Our target is an evolved public, which demands a lot in terms of quality and durability over time. The desire to distinguish ourselves leads us to continuously invest in the development of new projects: alongside investments in design and communication, there is no shortage of latest generation machinery, such as the pantograph Recently purchased CNC. Equipment that today, together with the CAD/CAM software and the production department of electrical panels and PLC programming, allow to achieve a complete design-production cycle: all this translates into extreme flexibility and customization of our product lines, with an exponential increase in the speed, repeatability and precision of each piece. Our internal team of specialized installers is able to perform the assembly of Stenal technologies with the utmost professionalism throughout Italy and anywhere in the world >.