The beneficials of sauna and steam after training: empower your Centre

How to make your gym competitive: the sauna and the Turkish bath for athletes

How can a sports center give its athletes the best? Professional trainers are a key point, but also helping the sportsman to recover strength in post-training is a great choice. The results of the most recent research, carried out on the benefits of the sauna and Turkish bath after muscle fatigue, allow to organize the structure in order to obtain maximum recovery. Meeting the wellness needs of athletes by making available the therapeutic virtues of the sauna and Turkish bath improves the image and turnover of sports clubs.

In the sauna after the gym.

But what are the benefits of the sauna after the gym? If some opinions indicate the whirpool as most appropriate practice after the sports session, many experts say that the dry heat of the sauna, followed by a session in the steam cabin, relaxes the muscles and eliminates toxins. A sportsman who, at the end of the training session, has assumed the right integration of fluids, will be able to eliminate lactic acid and return to training in a short time. Finally, there is another aspect to consider that concerns muscle tears: the heat of the sauna performs a preventive action.

The Turkish bath after sport.

Unlike what happens in the sauna, the humidity in the Turkish bath is very high: according to the latest research this makes muscle relaxation and the elimination of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles and bloodstream even more effective. Through the practice of the Turkish bath, therefore, a sports session is effectively completed by strengthening the training. It is also important to remember that the different wellness treatments that the sports center offers must be in line with the athlete's preferences and aimed at the training objectives.

Custom models of saunas and steam baths in different shapes and sizes.

There are many sports centers that equip their structure by providing targeted sauna and steam solutions for their athletes and customers. Our feedback is that those who train appreciate the well-being sensation that comes from the practice of the sauna or the Turkish bath after the gym. Many athletes continue this practice also at home, by purchasing domestic models specifically designed to fit the available spaces.