Synergy Fitness Club

Synergy Fitness Club

The Synergy Club, with a cozy and modern atmosphere, is an evocative environment where every detail cuddles the customer. Several fitness courses, a swimming pool equipped for water activities, athletic training, cardio work and toning and martial arts are some of the many facilities. The prestigious SPA is a true oasis for the mind and body. The Finnish sauna by Stenal, in Hemlock’s wood, was chosen for its modern and refined design. The aromatic steam bath from the Customer line is a warm, relaxing room where the steam is scented with esssential oils. Illuminated by underwater spotlights and covered on the bottom by a layer of white pebbles, the Kneipp path uses the alternation between hot and cold tanks to stimulate circulation and tone the tissues. The Thalasso cabin, with its mild temperature and romantic atmosphere, is the ideal place for resting and detoxifying the body thoroughly.

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  Montirone, Brescia, Italy