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Year: 2020
Agriturismo La Piantata, Arlena di Castro, VT, Italia, Italy

La Piantata - Suite Bamboo


The B&B La Piantata is located in a truly fascinating context. Nestled in the hills of the Maremma, in Viterbo’s province, La Piantata offers the perfect stay for a relaxing weekend in Lazio.


Surrounded by secular oaks, stretches of olive groves and lavender fields, the estate is a few minutes away from the famous volcanic Bolsena lake and the ancient Etruscan village of Tuscania. Places of great historical and touristic interest.


In this oasis of peace, the B&B La Piantata offers several accommodation solutions for its guests. 4 double rooms, 3 apartments, 2 tree houses and 2 new glamping Suites. But the most exclusive stay at La Piantata surely is the Bamboo Suite spa.


Opened in 2020, the Bamboo suite was built to attract customers looking for an even more exclusive experience, in which the simplicity of nature meets the pleasure of luxury.


After a walk in the lush woods of the property, the guests of the Bamboo suite can in fact relax in the hydromassage pool or in the private outdoor sauna made by Stenal.


The sauna of the Bamboo suite is a model from Stenal’s Forest line; the perfect solution to transform an outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation. All this with the utmost simplicity, given that the sauna is transported on site already built and it's ready to use in just a few hours of work.


The sauna created for the Bamboo suite is realized in fine cedar wood, appreciated for its polychrome appearance and recognizable scent. The cabin is equipped with a prechamber so that guests can prepare for their sauna when the weather is bad, too.


After the heat bath, the guests can relax by the pool on the Chaise Longue Alba beds, designed appositely to favor blood flow and grant profound rest. Further prove of the B&B care for their guests, who comment: “The Suite Bamboo is marvelous, a SPA including a hydromassage pool and a private sauna immersed in stunning nature”.


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