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Year: 2018
Relais De L'Opera, Via Palermo, 36, 00184 Roma, RM, Italia

Relais de l'Opera

Relais de l'Opera is a group of charming guesthouses where you can manage your stay in the most beautiful cities without giving up the services and comfort of a Luxury Hotel.

The Relais de l'Opera Rome is a true oasis of peace in the heart of the "Eternal City", and is located a few steps from the Opera House, Venezia Square, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.

Opera Relax & Wellness is the exclusive wellness center built by Stenal in 2018; a boutique spa where there is a large Jacuzzi, a gym, a massage and treatment area and a complete wellness offer, designed to make the most of the existing environments, subjected to all the architectural constraints of a building located in the hearth of the city.

The choice of placing the sauna and the steam bath side by side along the same wall allows to optimize the space and usability, but also points out how important the correct waterproofing of the steam bath is. An unappropriated insulation can lead to the pop out of mold and to the loss of steam and heat; visually, the two cabins must be homogeneous but each with its own style and atmosphere. Stenal overcomes both challenges by creating a sauna from the Topclass line, whose glass front wall gives airiness to the interior space, where up to 4 people can sit thanks to the double row of benches; the height of the glasses and the frame is the same between sauna and steam bath, despite the fact that steam bath has a higher barrel ceiling inside, so that condensation drips down the sides. Stenal's long experience in construction and installation of steam baths lead to employ the following technical measures:


- self-supporting structure equipped well insulated, made with top quality materials and optimal heat distribution, in order to avoid the loss of humidity and the creation of too cold or too hot areas inside the cabin;

- special glass wall, able to keep the heat inside the Turkish bath also thanks to special gaskets;

- drains suitably placed to prevent water from leaking into the floor in front of the Turkish bath.

From an architectural point of view, the two cabins have the same kind of lighting by stripleds, that project the light downwards. Both the sauna and the Turkish bath are equipped with audio speakers for the music and systems for the spread of aromatic fragrances, thus creating two multisensory environments.

After the sauna or the steam bath, guests can enjoy not a simple shower, but an experience shower, that is a particular type of equipment, now more and more requested in wellness centres, that turns the cabin previously dedicated to the shower into a real spa attraction. Using the mixer supplied with the Ray multi-sensory showerhead, an exclusive patent by Stenal, the user activates the shower, while the light from above surrounds the customer in a suggestive "waterfall" effect; by activating the blue button, guests will bathe in an invigorating cloud of cold water, an “arctic fog” water effect coming together with by balsamic mint scents and lights slowly passing through different shades of blue; by pressing the orange button, the scenery changes and turns into a warm tropical rain, which falls from above in large drops mixed with citrus scented notes, while the cabin is illuminated in warm shades of red and orange lights.

Particular attention was also paid by the Client to the choice of relaxation furniture, consisting of padded Alba beds certified for professional use; made of top quality white eco-leather, these chaise longues are entirely handmade in Italy. Their wooden frame guarantees non-deformability over time, and the particular shape is designed to keep back and legs in an optimal position after the sauna and the steam bath, so as to stimulate blood circulation and a truly effective relaxation.

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