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Year: 2018
1138 Route de la Turbie 06360 Eze Village - France

Hotel Terrasses d'Eze

Work carried out in Hotel Terrasses d'Eze:

Set in the hills of Èze, 14 km from Nice and 9 km from Monaco, the Terrasses d'Eze - Hôtel & Spa overlooks the sea and the mountains. The structure offers all the comforts for a unique stay: the fitness center, the garden, a solarium with infinity pool and a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine and, since 2018, a prestigious 500 m² spa designed and built by Stenal.

The journey begins with a journey consisting of four cabins at different temperatures and with different aromas; along the way there are heated benches to take a break between one cabin and another.

The Tepidarium or Onsen cabin produces a gentle heat (45°C for a humidity level of 50%) which allows the body to acclimatize slowly. In the center of the room, the Stenal-designed system pours scented water on the hot stones, perfuming the environment.

In the second stage, guests will experience the Stenal steam bath, heated to 42°C with a humidity of 100%. The custom made steam bath has a rounded shape, lit by a stunning central fall of optical fibers, giving the feeling of being in a sumptuous oriental palace.

The custom built bio-sauna offers a warm-humid environment (50% humidity and temperature at 60°C) perfumed with balsamic scents. For the bio sauna it was chosen a timber with light tones, that recalls the bow of a ship. Inside, the LCD screens transmit the video and the sounds of the waves breaking on the beach: a unique Stenal technological innovation at the Terrasses d'Eze Spa****.

Fourth stage, the traditional Finnish sauna, characterized by 20% humidity and a temperature of around 90°C, closes this regenerating relaxation experience with an intense heat bath.

To enhance the benefits of the dry heat, guests can cool off with the ice wall and the ice fountain, that help restore blood flow, strengthen and stimulate the immune system.

After the freshness, the Spa offers a journey through Stenal experience showers: these special showerheads are backlit and combine water jets, lights and aromas that recreate the amazing atmpspheres of a tropical forest or an arctic cold mist. A real paradise for those who want to relax and have fun!

The soft padded chaise longues of the Alba line and the amazing backlit wall in pink Himalayan salt bricks are plus furnishings in the relax room, where you can rest and enjoy a herbal tea.

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