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Year: 2018
iH Hotels Bologna Amadeus, Via Marco Emilio Lepido, Bologna, BO, Italia

iH Hotels Bologna Amadeus

Realizzazioni effettuate iH Hotels Bologna Amadeus:

The iH Hotels Bologna Amadeus is a 4-star business hotel located just 10 minutes drive from Marconi Airport and at a short distance from the historic centre of Bologna. In year 2018, the construction of the ENJOY! Wellness Spa by Stenal has added a new luxury facility available for the hotel guests. ENJOY! Wellness Spa, where the sauna, the steam bath and the relax room have been specifically designed and custom-made, immediately became the exclusive urban oasis for body and mind, where you can experience wellness rituals in a welcoming and refined environment. 

The Elite finnish saunathat can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, was made of cedar wood, a timber that releases an intense and aromatic scent, so the stay in the sauna is really unforgettable; the changing colours of the cedar are enhanced by the fiber optic ceiling lighting. Soft lights give to this cabin a particular atmosphere of charm and relaxation. 

Lights and refined materials are also the main features of the Stenal steam bath: the starry sky on the ceiling, that consists of a multitude of light spots that change colour, fading from warm to cold tones, illuminates the steam cloud coming out of the central cube. Both cabins are equipped with a large front glass window. 

Designed to rejuvenate after the sauna and at the same time to offer a multi-sensory experience, the two experience showers of the Ray line welcome guests with different combinations of water jets, lights and aromatic fragrances. Each effect is activated simply by pressing a button; the showers act at the same time as rinse showers after sauna and steam bath, thanks to the supplied mixer. 

The relax room, designed with great attention to every detail, offers comfortable seats with the ergonomic Alba chaise longue, and a particular backlit wall decoration in pink Himalayan salt bricks.