the Spa Suite is a hotel room designed to gift a personalized wellness experience

The Spa Suite is the new trend in hospitality that converts one or more rooms in a hotel into a personal spa, managed by reservation. It can include a sauna, a steam bath, an experience shower, loungers and much more.

It is a miniature spa that offers guests an intimate and luxurious experience.

When designing a spa suite, there are a few things to keep in mind. In this article, we will share some tips on how to transform a hotel room into a spa suite.

A Relaxing Environment

The first step to a perfect wellness suite is to create a calm and serene environment.

The choice of colors is important: blue, green or purple, for example, induce tranquility and relaxation.

The shapes and materials of the furniture also have an impact on the overall experience of the room. Beyond the overall design of the structure, soft shapes and materials are particularly suitable for a room dedicated to well-being.

As for the lighting, it is always preferable to use diffused and natural light.

In-room Wellness Amenities

When it comes to choosing amenities for the spa suite, it is important to focus on items that promote relaxation.

Yoga mats or stretching bends in the room are a simple and inexpensive addition, but they show attention to detail and care for the guest.

The choice of food and drinks to offer in the suite is another fundamental aspect: water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and healthy snacks should never be missing in a spa suite.

The wellness path: heart of the spa suite

The wellness path is the true heart of the spa suite.

To be effective, it should include at least one hot cabin and a cold experience: the combination of sauna and cold experience shower is one of the solutions preferred by guests.

Other elements, such as a steam bath, ice fall or snow waterfall, can expand the offer when there is enough space available.

The presence of a thermal cabin is enough to attract the attention of potential guests. But the final experience in the spa suite also depends on other small details. It is essential, for example, to provide the necessary space for guests to store bathrobes and towels.

It is also important to provide one or more lounges, which can be used by guests at the end of the thermal path.

The design of the wellness path

The experience in a spa suite involves all senses.

The goal of the facility should be to offer its guests a complete wellness experience, not a health treatment.

The eye also wants its part. That’s why the design of the wellness path is just as important as its functionality.

The general advice is to choose cabins and equipment with clean and elegant lines.

But the most important aspect is the consistency between the design of the wellness area and the overall design of the room and the structure.

In this sense, bespoke solutions are always the best choice


The new Stenal sauna designed for the Spa suite

Dhara is Stenal’s first sauna decorated with motif, designed for the private home and the Spa suite.

Sauna Dhara