Sauna Benefits

For centuries saunas have been appreciated as a moment of peace and relaxation. But in recent years people have started to rely on this treatment because of its several benefits for the body and the mind.

Let’s see what the benefits of this wellness ritual are:

Sauna: benefits for the body and the mind

Traditional saunas are small rooms capable of reaching elevated temperatures (about 158°F – 212°F). The intense heat and the sweating it induce explain the numerous benefits of the sauna. Benefits both at the physiological and psychological level.

Let’s discover them.

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Saunas reduce anxiety and stress

Several studies seem to indicate that sauna baths can reduce stress and improve mood. The pleasurable experience of the sauna, in fact, induces a positive tension that helps the body and the mind to adapt to everyday challenges.

Sauna baths help fight stress at the hormonal level, too: heat baths can reduce cortisol levels up to 40%. Known as “stress hormone”, in high levels cortisol is responsible of weakness, fatigue, hypertension, accumulation of fat and other disorders.

Is sauna good for your sleep?

Yes, having a sauna can improve sleep quality. That comes as no surprise to those who have tried a sauna at least once in their life and can recall the pleasurable experience of pure relaxation that immediately follows the bath. But the effects are not just momentary: they last for 1-2 nights after the sauna itself.

Why is that? One of the main explanations is that high temperatures stimulate peripherical circulation and make the body more efficient in reaching the ideal sleep temperature.

Does the sauna make you lose weight?

The answer is no. At least not directly.

The idea that sauna baths burn body fat is a common misconception, based on the fact that people do weight less once they’re done with their heat bath. But the weight loss is almost entirely due to fluid loss. Fluids that will eventually be reintroduced into the organism.

That being said, sauna baths are still a good habit for those looking for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Saunas can improve circulation

Sauna benefits involve circulation as well: they improve the cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure.

In fact, regularly having saunas seems to reduce risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular disorders.

The improved blood flow can also translate into increased physical performance and muscular strength.

Saunas can boost the immune system

Another benefit of sauna baths is that they can help strengthen your immune system. In fact, people who regularly have a sauna are less likely to catch colds or other infections.

That’s because the high-temperature air in the sauna inhibits viruses and other pathogens in the respiratory tract.

Moreover, the increased body temperature naturally activates the immune function and attenuates inflammatory responses.

Sauna benefits for your skin

One of the main benefits of saunas lays in its depurative and detoxifying effects. Through sweat, in fact, our body eliminates toxins, bacteria and other substances that are harmful for the organism.

High temperatures favor the dilatation of the pores and make the skin brighter and more elastic, too.

In the long term, regular saunas help maintain the skin more hydrated and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

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