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Year: 2016
Chia Laguna, Viale Belvedere, Setti Ballas, CA, Italy

Chia Laguna Resort

Chia Laguna is located in the southern cape of Sardinia: from the panoramic solarium, bathing in regenerating whirlpools, guests can admire the Chia bay, enjoying all the comforts of a Resort that has made hospitality a true art, so much so that it is was nominated "World Leading Beach Family Resort" at the World Travel Awards 2020, the Oscars of International Tourism. The award assigned to Chia Laguna is based on the votes of a qualified jury, which awarded the excellence of the services offered by the Resort including the splendid Chia Natural Spa. The wellness center built by Stenal in 2016 can be defined as an oasis of pure relaxation, dedicated to those who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The wellness program begins with the large Topclass sauna by Stenal, made with a double row of benches; the walls are made with vertical beads, while the stripleds lights placed under the benches change pass throug many colours shades, thanks to the RGB color change systems. The Stenal aromatic steam bath was tailor built to create a large but not crowded environment, a solution obtained by arranging the benches along both sides, separated by the steam cube; the Turkish bath is also decorated with beautiful chromotherapic lights, that increase the feeling of well-being during the session.

Along the exclusive Bioaquam® Path proposed by Chia Natural Spa, it will be possible to regenerate mind and body in the Rasul cabin; it consists actually of two separate but connected rooms, designed and built by Stenal to obtain a heated treatment area, without steam, and a steam room in preparation for treatments.

Ray experience shower by Stenal allows you to cool off after the sauna and steam bath, but it also does much more: it activates, trough a push-button panel, two distinct effects, that envelope the guest under the energy jet of a tropical storm, with citrus scents and a cascade of lights in warm tones, or surround the client with a very fine cold mist, that is scented with sparkling balsamic fragrances and illuminated by lights in shades of blue.

At the access point to the spa there is the station dedicated to feet disinfection, a technology that allows users to sanitize feet and legs and, at the end of the day, allows the operator to proceed with the disinfection of the spa cabins thanks to a second extendable can.


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