National Park Hotel****

National Park Hotel

The Hotel National Park allows you to enjoy and unspoiled and wild landscapes, typical of the Italian region named Calabria. At the same time, is the perfect location for winter sports; not only, this is a perfect location even in the summer, due to its proximity to the sea of ​​Crotone and Lake Ampollino.

Now the National Park Hotel offers its guests the luxury of a beautiful spa, carved directly into the natural rock. The inspiration for this impressive wellness zone came from the designers Beniamino and Adriana Maria Galindo Brusegan. The wellness area built by Stenal is a modern interpretation of ancient and natural rituals. The Finnish sauna from Stenal’s Topclass line is scented with aromatic essences, that combines glass and Hemlock wood, a type of timber that has no knots in sight; this sauna has been specially customized to reach and effect of largeness and intimacy at the same time. The turkish bath Customer has been enriched with a starry sky, a detail that increases the perception of relaxation through a delicate color therapy. Indirect and soft lighting under the benches creates an atmosphere of serenity and calm.
Along the wellness path guests can find also a bucket shower and a Polaris ice room; boths offer an invigorating break after the intense heat of the sauna. The adjacent Gemma salt cabin allows you to lie in a comfortable space and breathe the saline atmosphere, which helps to cleanse the skin and release the respiratory tract. Along the pool, you will find the refined padded relaxation lounges from Alba serie; the shape of these beds has been designed to give you a deep relaxation after the sauna and the Turkish bath.

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