Otium Resort****

Otium Resort

Those who visit the Otium Resort will not forget the magic of the Mediterranean Sea, in all the fullness and splendor of its colors. A short distance away, there are places of great cultural interest like Sibari, considered the most beautiful among the Greek colonies. The challenge there was to build a spa capable to engage all the senses in the wellness experience.
Stenal was asked to create a spa able to attract a demanding guest, sensitive to a wellness experience capable of involving all senses. The large Finnish sauna from Topclass line can accommodate up to 10 people; the glass front wall and the multicolored starry sky over the ceiling make the environment extremely bright and welcoming. The aromatic steam bath offers its guests a truly special sensory experience; the lights change gently in different color shades, while the Aromarium rotates four different aromatic fragrances. The ice room is the ideal place to refresh after the sauna session. The Kneipp path, made by Stenal with an eight-tank system, each equipped with hydromassage nozzles, offers the benefits of hot / cold alternated jets.

Continuing along the wet area, you will discover the Paradise’s experience shower path: four different showers, each one equipped with different lights, water jets and aroma, to be performed in succession. The bucket shower, also called the Scottish shower with water blade for cervical massage.

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